Photo by Steve Korn 

Lisa Kwak is a Seattle-based dance artist. She currently works with dance companies Dani Tirrell and the Congregation, The Guild Dance Company, and PRICEArts N.E.W. She has also danced with The Three Yells, and artists such as Rachael Lincoln, Etienne Cakpo, Leslie Kraus, among others. Lisa holds a BA with majors in dance and international studies from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. There she was awarded the Dean's Medal for the College of Arts & Sciences division of the Arts (2018). She was also elected to Phi Beta Kappa, on the Annual Dean's List (2014-2018), and received the George and Barbara Akers Scholarship (2017), Dance Program Scholarship Award (2017), and the Purple and Gold Scholarship (2014 - 2018).  Lisa believes that dance has the power to inspire positive change, and is a tool of resilience for individuals and communities. She works to create art that will celebrate the human condition in all its pain, joy, and beauty.